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The tool to dig deep into Inline Speedskating data

Here you have limitless access and powerful tools to the worlds biggest inline skating database.

Getting started

The Selector

Before we start - Quick word about databases: Databases are tables with rows and columns just like Excel. So from now on try think in tables.

In the image and below in the editor you see Selectors. You can use those to filter Results. Say you dont want all our 63466 results but instead all you care about is Senior male in 2015.

The selector properties let you select just that and a lot more. When youre happy with it hit the Run button. When a selector turnes blue it is currently working behind the scenes to find your results.

When your results are ready they will be Grouped by Athletes and you get a summary per athlete. The resulting table will be shown below.

Multiple Selectors

By utilizing the ➕ buttons you can create as many Selectors as you want

Selector neighbours: Selectors next to each other dont know about each other. It gets interesting when you have selectors below each other.

Selector rows: Selectors directly below each other can be connected by dragging the blue dot on top of another selector. Now if you execute a selector that has another one connected on to it will first execute the upper one and use it's output as input

So now you could use one Selector to select all juniors who were succsessfull on worlds. With your second selector you can then Select all of those Juniors who stil participated as Seniors. Compare those results and you know how many Skaters quit professional skating. Load the Junior to Senior compare example to find out the numbers

Joining method

When connecting multiple selectors to one you need to specify the joining method. See the info graphic.

  • And: use Athletes that have been matched in each of the connected Selectors
  • Or: use Athletes that have been matched in at least one of the connected selectors
  • XOr: use Athletes that have been matched in Exactly one Selector
  • Not: use Athletes that have been matched in the first connected selector but not any of the others. (Most left connection ist the first)

Analytics info grahpic

Analytics graphic



Add row

Remove last


Hit run on a select node to see the result.

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